Rigging Up

Rigging Up

Before rigging up, the site is leveled and debris is cleared. Our heavy equipment operators are careful in the preparation of the site to be respectful of the surrounding environment. We have a Caterpillar D-6T, a John Deere backhoe, and two Fiat Allis bulldozers equipped with winches.

After unloading the rig, the substructure is erected followed by the construction of the rig floor, the derrick, drawworks, stairways, power system, and auxiliary equipment.

While one crew sets up the drilling structure, another crew installs the circulating system. We recently added new Tri-Plex mud pumps to accommodate the higher volume and pressure required for horizontal drilling.

When everything is in place, the rig manager inspects the rig for security and safety. We then begin the process of drilling the conductor hole (if required), the rathole, and the mousehole making sure that our field crew is outfitted with necessary safety attire.

Transporting the rig to the drilling site takes meticulous
planning and organizational skills. Mitchell Drilling’s
‘mobe and de-mobe’ rates are attractive because of
our central location in the Illinois Basin.

Chris Mitchell
President, Geologist

Rigging Up
Rigging Up