Mitchel Drilling - Progress


Mitchell Drilling Maintains its Status as one of the
“Preferred Drilling Companies” in the Illinois Basin

The Illinois Basin is a coveted high gravity, low sulfur oil reservoir covering 59,000 square miles in the tri-state area of Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky. Although the Illinois Basin is a relatively mature reservoir, abundant opportunities exist for primary and enhanced exploration and production of crude oil.

But to reach oil, a well must be drilled.

And that’s what four generations of the Geo. N. Mitchell Drilling Company have been doing since 1939. In the 1940’s the oil boom in the Illinois Basin lured Thomas Mitchell and his four brothers from Seminole, Oklahoma to southern Illinois to establish the Mitchell Brothers Drilling and Trucking Companies. Mitchel Drilling - Progress The Mitchell Brothers were successful until drilling activity began to dissolve in the Illinois Basin in the 1950’s and 1960’s, as did the Mitchell Brothers’ partnership. With one rotary rig, the drilling business continued under the leadership of Thomas A. Mitchell Drilling until his son, George N., assumed ownership. With perseverance and an honest reputation, the Geo. N. Mitchell Drilling Company grew from a single-rig operation into one of the largest drilling contractors in the Illinois Basin today.

Mitchell Drilling now employs over 85 people and operates an impressive fleet of four rotary rigs and seven service rigs. Recent expansion into horizontal and directional drilling promises new growth for a new generation of oil production opportunities in the Illinois Basin. These drilling methods lessen the environmental impact by decreasing the drill-site footprint. Drilling laterally under the surface of a well is also environmentally advantageous in that it may eliminate the drilling of additional vertical wells.

Mitchell Drilling pledges to remain on the forefront of new drilling techniques to more efficiently, economically, and environmentally improve oil well drilling, completion and service operations. As one of the “preferred drilling companies” in the Illinois Basin, Mitchell Drilling continues to grow with a new generation of engineers, geologists and technologies to produce hydrocarbon resources efficiently and responsibly.


Mitchel Drilling - Progress

In 1939 the Mitchell Brothers migrated from Seminole, Oklahoma to southern Illinois to seek their fortune in the Illinois Basin oil boom.

Mitchel Drilling - Progress

Over 70 years later, the Geo. N. Mitchell Drilling Company operates one of the finest fleets of drilling and service rigs in the Illinois Basin.