Murdach Wins IOGA’s Service Person of the Year Award

No wonder Ron Murdach won the Service Person of the Year Award in March of 2009 at the annual Illinois Oil & Gas Association luncheon in Evansville, Indiana. Murdach has survived over 50 years in the oil fields of the Illinois Basin. He was ‘born to be wild’ on Halloween in 1939 in an industry where risk-taking wildcatters drilled where no one had drilled before them.

Murdach began working as a roustabout in 1957 for Bill Bingman Trucking digging ditches and setting up pumping units and tank batteries. In January of 1959, he began working for B.W. Haley as a rod wrencher. In six months, he was operating a pulling unit, and in 1963, Murdach became a toolpusher for Haley.

His experience operating pulling units, spudders, and roughnecking kept him in demand working for various drilling companies. In the early seventies he began to operate rotary rigs until the George N. Mitchell Drilling Company hired him full-time in 1979. He currently manages Mitchell’s service rig division.