The George N. Mitchell Drilling Company had humble beginnings in 1939 when five Mitchell brothers serviced wells for the Sinclair Oil Company in Seminole, Oklahoma. In the 1940’s when the oil boom exploded in the Illinois Basin, George Mitchell’s father, Thomas, and his four brothers migrated to Carmi, Illinois and formed Mitchell Brothers Drilling and Trucking Companies.

Drilling activity began to dissolve in the Basin in the 1950’s and 1960’s, as did the Mitchell Brothers’ partnership. With one rotary rig, the drilling business continued under the ownership of Thomas A. Mitchell Drilling. Upon his death, his widow, two sons, and a daughter inherited the company.

One of Thomas’ sons, George N. Mitchell, held the drilling company together during the lean times of the 1960’s. With perseverance and an honest reputation, the George N. Mitchell Drilling Company survived depressed times and grew from a single-rig operation into one of the largest drilling contractors in the Illinois Basin. Mitchell Drilling now employs over 85 people and operates an impressive fleet of four rotary rigs and seven service rigs. Recent expansion into horizontal and directional drilling promises new growth for a new generation of oil production opportunities.